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We’re Excited About the Battle of Brooklyn ’15…Here’s Why You Should Be Too

The Battle of Brooklyn not only spotlights the NEC’s fiercest rivalry, but almost without fail delivers some of the most compelling television when it is airs annually as part of the conference package.

When the LIU Brooklyn – St. Francis Brooklyn rivalry is renewed on Saturday at the Pope Center (TV: MSG, FCS at 4 pm), there will be plenty of hype, and deservedly so.  But can the game top these recent LIU-SFBK TV thrillers?

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The Anatomy of a Shooter: Breaking Down Karvel Anderson’s Big Week

karvel_andersonYou knew another one of these nights was inevitable, but you didn’t know exactly when the heat check would arrive.

Well that night was last Thursday and unfortunately for host Sacred Heart, the Pioneers happened to be the opponent when Robert Morris senior guard Karvel Anderson (Elkhart, IN/Elkhart Memorial (Glen Oaks CC)) had one of those “can’t miss” type of games.

How hot was the Choice Hotels/NEC Player of the Week?

The Elkhart, IN native hit shots from every conceivable spot on the floor, making 15 of his 19 attempts, including 6-7 from three-point range for a career-high 36 points in a 79-70 win.

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It’s Finally Here! #NECOpeningNight Has Arrived For #NECMBB

The magic number is 16.

16 games to determine which teams will compete for an NEC men’s basketball championship this March and where they stack up.

16 chances for fans to root their team to victory.

16 days to show your #NECPride.

16 opportunities for players like Terrell Allen of Central Connecticut to put their heart and soul on the line, all in pursuit of the same dream.

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