NEC Makes Mental Health A Priority


We’ve been saying it for awhile now. Life in the Northeast Conference is about more than sports and there was plenty supporting evidence for that claim on the first day of December.

The Northeast Conference hosted its inaugural Mental Health and Medical Issues Summit on December 1 in Piscataway, NJ.

The NCAA Division I athletics conference welcomed more than 70 individuals, ranging from athletic administrators and athletic trainers to student-athletes and other campus personnel, for a full day’s worth of programming.

“The NEC is thrilled to host this event for our membership,” said NEC Commissioner Noreen Morris. “In terms of the development and welfare of the NEC student-athletes, the importance of their mental health and safety is paramount.”

The comprehensive program included a panel of decorated speakers who will address the following topics:  Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Prevention; Analgesic Opiate Abuse; Eating Disorders; and A Systems Approach to Planning and Evaluating Student-Athlete Mental Health Programs and Services.


NEC Commissioner Comments on MHS

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