We’re Excited About the Battle of Brooklyn ’15…Here’s Why You Should Be Too

The Battle of Brooklyn not only spotlights the NEC’s fiercest rivalry, but almost without fail delivers some of the most compelling television when it is airs annually as part of the conference package.

When the LIU Brooklyn – St. Francis Brooklyn rivalry is renewed on Saturday at the Pope Center (TV: MSG, FCS at 4 pm), there will be plenty of hype, and deservedly so.  But can the game top these recent LIU-SFBK TV thrillers?

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Emotionally-draining Moments Abundant in #NECMBB

Northeast Conference basketball players haven’t shown much concern for the cardiac health of their fans lately.

In a span of just one week, three games went down to the final buzzer and the craziness doesn’t end there.

Two of the teams involved in these dramatic finishes had the opportunity to experience life on both sides of a buzzer-beating shot. Within the last seven days, Saint Francis U and Sacred Heart fans enjoyed the thrill of a buzzer-beating victory as well as suffered the agony of a buzzer-beating defeat.

Ronnie Drinnon (left) and Earl Brown (right) rode a roller coaster of emotions last weekend.

Ronnie Drinnon (left) and Earl Brown (right) rode a roller coaster of emotions last weekend.

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Dust Off the Jersey, Apply Some Face Paint and Show Your #NECPride During Conference Play

It’s a New Year and a new conference season on the hardwood.

Plenty of challenges await, as do boundless opportunities.

Twenty teams begin this race on equal footing, but only two will claim NEC supremacy and the Big Dance bids that go with it.

If history is any indication, the NEC’s road to NCAA March Madness will include an abundance of passion, emotion and excitement.

As the student-athletes strive to achieve greatness, their passionate supporters will revel in their success.

Whether you’re a player, a fan or a member of the pep band, a new season presents another opportunity to show your #NECpride.

There isn’t just one way to do, either.

Helping an opponent up off the floor, congratulating a foe following a hard-fought contest or covering yourself from head-to-toe in your favorite team’s colors – they are all acts of #NECpride.

Act with class, appreciate effort and enjoy the thrill of achievement.

It’s a way of life.

Uniform material fades and face paint washes away, but #NECpride does not subside.


Watch the latest #NECpride-themed Hoops Promo Video…