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Wagner Alumnus Wows ‘Em during NFL Preseason Game

It was nothing Dominique Williams hadn’t done in a NEC game before.

The former Wagner running back, who graduated as the fourth all-time leading rusher in #NECFB history, put his athleticism on display during the Minnesota Vikings’ preseason win over Kansas City on August 23.

Williams, who totaled 39 yards rushing on five carries, hurdled over a Kansas City defensive back during the fourth quarter of the 30-12 victory.

The Vikings featured the acrobatic play on their website as one of “5 GIFS from Saturday Night’s Win.”

Williams’ latest prime play may cause Wagner fans to reminisce about that time in 2012 when he leapt over a defender during a 31-21 win over Bryant.

Williams in 2014…

(courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings -

(courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings –

Williams in 2012…

#TBT Remember Marcus Dorsey?

There’s never a shortage of excitement when the NEC’s two Constitution State members line up against one another.

Thus was the case back in 2009 at Arute Field, and the circumstances would become even more exciting as the annual battle between Central Connecticut and Sacred Heart wore on.

After James Mallory’s 9-yard burst gave CCSU a 17-12 lead with 6:50 remaining in the fourth quarter, Dale Fink and Sacred Heart attempted to answer.

Fink, who would eventually finish his career as the all-time leading passer in NEC history, needed only six plays to march the Pioneers down into the red zone.

With under 3:00 left on the clock, Sacred Heart was five yards away from the potential game-winning score and then Marcus Dorsey (#8) did this…


And, just in case you were wondering, yes, Dorsey’s play did make the #SCTop10 that evening.

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