Relive Those Memorable March Days with ‘#NECPride: Moon Magic’ Documentary Short

What is #NECPride?

That question was answered this past March in Moon Township, PA.

It was a 48-hour period like no other.  From the moment the matchup was announced, the Robert Morris campus transformed into the focal point of the college basketball world.

The chance to host Kentucky – the winningest program in NCAA history – in the Postseason NIT may have been a stroke of good fortune, but Robert Morris took full advantage of the opportunity.

When the nationally-televised game ended in dramatic fashion with the Colonials on top, it took on even greater significance, both within the RMU community and throughout the Northeast Conference.  As a single unifying event, it had no equal. The Conference became ONE on the night of March 19, flush with #NECPride.

NEC Front Row is proud to present its first documentary short, #NECPride: Moon Magic, recounting the events of the two-day period that will forever live in Robert Morris and NEC lore.


The Twitter Effect
As it does with any headline-grabbing event these days, Twitter erupted with reaction over the Robert Morris-Kentucky matchup.  Here are some of the great tweets we captured back in March.  A number of them our featured in “#NECPride: Moon Magic.” 

Aftermath of the NIT Bracket Announcement  


GameDay Tweets (Pregame)  


VICTORY Evokes More #NECPride  


NEC Front Row Documentary Short
#NECPride: Moon Magic


– Apri 29, 2013 –

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