The Overtime! Weekly ‘Twitter Take Five’

Following your favorite NEC athlete or sportswriter on Twitter is an enjoyable experience, but can also become an overwhelming one.

With so many people to follow and so much information to digest, it isn’t always easy to manage. Hence, the Overtime! Blog’s Twitter Take Five, a new weekly feature that selects five of the most intriguing/significant Tweets from across the NEC and presents them to our fans right here on the Official Blog of the Northeast Conference.


Tweet No. 5 – Jeff McInerney, Head Coach, Central Connecticut football


Of course, it was fun. Arute Field was packed, and the Blue Devils won.


Tweet No. 4 – Mike McFadden, Senior PF, Robert Morris MBB


Not sure what Mike McFadden’s motivation for this tweet is. Is he trying to “butter up” his all-NEC guard of a teammate in hopes of getting more passes sent his way? Regardless of the motive, McFadden makes a worthwhile suggestion. Give Mr. Jones a follow. 


Tweet No. 3 – Giuseppe Ottaiano, Freshman OL, Sacred Heart football


This rookie lineman reached a milestone on the academic side of his collegiate career earlier in the week. Now it’s time to prepare for the Pioneers’ Week 8 NEC clash against Duquesne.


Tweet No. 2 – Lee Kunkel, #ColonialCrazies President, Robert Morris student


This leader of the Colonial Crazies student fan group believes Robert Morris’ stock is bullish.  His excitement is easy to understand when you examine the fact that the Colonials won a program-record 26 games while playing deep into the postseason last year and most of that team returns this fall. Although the high hopes are justified, it certainly won’t be easy for Robert Morris with two-time defending champion LIU Brooklyn and 10 others standing in its way.


Tweet No. 1 – Patti Phillips, CEO, NACWAA


The annual Women’s Sports Foundation hosted its annual banquet in New York City on Wednesday evening, October 17, and the very important people in attendance were seated at Table No. 6. Amongst the dignitaries at that table was none other than NEC Commissioner Noreen Morris (@NECcommish).


– Oct. 18, 2012 –

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