Stand Up and Show Your #NECPride

Unaware of the effect his words would have on the Northeast Conference some 200 years later, the 18th century English poet William Blake defined pride as “a personal commitment…an attitude that separates excellence from mediocrity.”

As its 32nd year of intercollegiate athletic competition is underway, the 12-member Northeast Conference unveiled its #NECPride Campaign.

In an effort to foster “pride” amongst its membership, alumni, and fans, the NEC has invested in #NECPride hashtag-themed signage and merchandise that will be visible at league-sponsored championships and events.


The Conference also unveiled its new #NECPride themed football promo.  An accompanying basketball spot will debut later this year.

According to NEC Commissioner Noreen Morris, the #NECPride campaign was built around and will look to highlight the following principles: Achievement. Ambition. Perseverance. Community. Passion. Respect. Determination. Unity. Teamwork.

“It is about having pride in your team, your school and the will to succeed both on and off the field,” said Associate Commissioner Ron Ratner, who heads up the conference’s media and communications departments.

If you are an NEC student-athlete, fan or alumnus who strives for excellence, then the #NECPride hashtag is for you.


Follow the Northeast Conference (@NECsports) across numerous social media platforms for updates on the #NECPride Campaign as well as ways you can participate and win apparel for doing so.

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