The Mid-Week Twitter ‘Take Five’

Following your favorite NEC athlete or sportswriter on Twitter is an enjoyable experience, but can also become an overwhelming one.

With so many people to follow and so much information to digest, it isn’t always easy to manage. Hence, the Overtime! Blog’s Twitter Take Five, a new weekly feature that selects five of the most intriguing/significant Tweets from across the NEC and presents them to our fans right here on the Official Blog of the Northeast Conference.




Tweet No. 5 – Marc Gump, Monmouth fan


The red-hot Hawks are becoming a hot ticket at the Jersey Shore.  @GumpHutch and whoever else is on hand at Kessler Field this Saturday (Sept. 22) will have the chance to see the NEC’s top-ranked scoring defense.  Monmouth has held opponents to an average of 16.7 points over its first three games.


Tweet No. 4 – Lisa Cermignano, Head Coach, Wagner WBB


By the looks of this inspirational tweet from Wagner’s new basketball coach Lisa Cermignano, one can expect the Seahawks to play with plenty of “passion” this season as they chase their championship dream.


Tweet No. 3 – Alyson Ramsaier, Middle Infielder, Saint Francis (PA) softball


If this isn’t evidence that Ramsaier is fired up for her freshman year on the college softball diamond, then what is?  There is one catch though – Saint Francis’ softball season actually starts in the Winter and not the Spring.  The Red Flash open up on February 22, 2013 at the North Carolina A&T Tournament in Greensboro.


Tweet No. 2 – Ron Ratner, Associate Commissioner, Northeast Conference


Well, @NEChoopsRon is at it again. Teasing his followers to no end. We will be waiting to see if this “cool news” is good news.


Tweet No. 1 – Khairi Dickson, Running Back, Saint Francis (PA) 


Back-to-back NEC Rookie of the Week awards appeared to have only increased this freshman’s desire for success. His level-headed, work-oriented philosophy has been serving him well thus far to the tune of 190 yards and two touchdowns in the last two games, both of which were Red Flash wins.


 – Sept. 20, 2012 –

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