Overtime!’s ‘Twitter Take Five’ – The Top 5 NEC Tweets Thus Far This Week

Following your favorite NEC athlete or sportswriter on Twitter is an enjoyable experience, but can also become an overwhelming one.

With so many people to follow and so much information to digest, it isn’t always easy to manage. Hence, the Overtime! Blog’s Twitter Take Five, a new weekly feature that selects five of the most intriguing/significant Tweets from across the NEC and presents them to our fans right here on the Official Blog of the Northeast Conference.

The Rundown…

Tweet No. 5 – Julian Boyd, LIU Brooklyn PF, 2012 NEC MBB Player of the Year


We know where the 2012 NEC Player of the Year’s head is at. #DreamsofaThreepeat


Tweet No. 4 – Danny Bonaventure, Robert Morris DB


Hopefully, Coach Walton let’s Danny & Co. out early so they can root on their Colonials when they hit the pitch at 7:00 pm at rival Pitt.  By the way, one has to love @DBon5’s positive thinking, too.


Tweet No.3 – Ron Ratner, NEC Associate Commissioner/Hoops Guru



What appears to be a harmless tweet commenting on Wagner’s men’s hoops schedule is actually ground-breaking.  Whether he is aware of doing so or not, it is quite possible that @NECHoopsRon just coined a new college hoops phrase.  Instead of calling them “buy” or “guarantee” games, why not refer to them as “opportunity knocks” contests? After all, there is one heckuva “opportunity” to land a pretty big win.

Tweet No. 2 – Kevin Paczesny, Wagner Equipment Manager



In addition to putting air in helmets, Wagner’s equipment manager apparently witnessed some good stuff on Grymes Hill during football training camp.  The fact that camp is over can only mean one thing though – It’s almost time for KICKOFF!


Tweet No. 1 – Jon Kalnas, Throws Coach, Monmouth alumnus


Jon Kalnas may need someone to help him carry around all of his hardware, but a trainer is one thing the former Monmouth shot putter doesn’t need.  Word of Advice to Work Out World staffers: Do your research before you ask a client if he/she needs training. You happened to be talking to a former All-American and six-time NEC champion thrower.  Oh, and did we mention, NEC record holder?


– Aug. 22, 2012 –

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