The Scoop on the NEC’s Addition of Hoops-centered Twitter Account

Within seconds of the vague announcement on Twitter, folks began looking for answers.

A new way to talk NEC hoops on Twitter? How? Who?

Another source of information, expertise, and historical knowledge? Sweet, where can I sign up!

NEC’s announcement that new Twitter Account is Coming


Post-Announcement Reaction



The good news for anxious fans is that only a 72-hour wait remains. On Monday, July 23, 2012, IT will launch.

What to Expect
If you love NEC hoops, you will love following the aforementioned new account. The person behind this new Twitter handle is a self-proclaimed 1970s guru even though his teen years were in the 80s.

He’s a hoops historian, numbers nerd, music aficionado, certified youth soccer coach, basketball addict and former fencer all rolled into one.

Just imagine if @JonRothstein, @RollingStone, and @VinnieBarbarino all used the same Twitter account. You’ll only need to imagine for a few more days because you’ll see it live come next week.

Don’t be shocked if you see a tweet similar to, “So much Lionel Richie in Terrance Bailey.”

Anyway, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we will leave you with a hint.

He was born in Brooklyn.

No, he is not Jay-Z.

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