Last Week in Tweets (Counting Back from July 1 to June 25)

With the help of Twitter, Overtime! looks back at what NEC-related news unfolded over the past seven days.

July 1
@coachpace – Awesome day for the newbies to move in at #LIUBrooklyn – Love BKNY

According to Coach Pace the Blackbird ballers are back in Brooklyn and they picked a beautiful day for their return to the beloved borough.

June 30
@CTbow – First catch of the day

This Monmouth hoopster can shoot and CATCH.

June 29
@DuncHolden – @giantswfan @JmFireUp_ think Paul has been ready since Feb 6th

This New York Giants’ fan seems to know Paul Dottino all too well.  If Dottino, who doubles as WFAN’s New York Giants beat man and the voice of NEC football, had it his way, then there would be no off-season.  The only thing that is uncertain is whether @giantswfan (Dottino) is as fired up for #Kickoff2012 as @JmFireUp_ (CCSU’s Jeff McInerney) is.

June 28
‏@J_BOYD42 – NBA Draft 2nite!! Can’t wait for 1 year from now when my name is called.

The reigning NEC Men’s Basketball Player of the Year has already heard his name called at LIU’s graduation and hopes to hear it again when David Stern steps to the podium next June.  In the meantime, Boyd will expend his lone remaining year of athletic eligibility in Brooklyn where he will look to lead the Blackbirds back to the Big Dance for a third consecutive season.

June 27
‏@TheRealNate_DOE – 9000th tweet S/o #RMUFootball  i need more diamonds

This Robert Morris lineman reached a Twitter milestone and dedicated the moment to his fellow Colonial gridders. #TeamPlayer #EyesOnThePrize

June 26
@jonrothstein – Only 112 days until college basketball officially begins……#countdown

No surprise to see a tweet like this from Mr. Rothstein.  The guy eats, sleeps, drinks, and tweets hoops 365 days a year (and 366 days in a leap year like 2012).

June 25
@TFitz_Deca8K – I thought it was a bit ridiculous that Ashton Eaton’s World Record was 10th on the #SCTop10… A WORLD RECORD I remind you #TrackGetsNoLove

Can’t argue with one of the NCAA’s top Decathletes (Tom FitzSimons) on this one.  Ashton Eaton’s performance was truly incredible and we still can’t figure out why ESPN placed it in the No. 10 spot.  Maybe there were nine other world records broken on the same day?


Which one of the seven Tweets do you like best? Feel free to comment below or tweet @NECsports with your vote for “Top Tweet of the Week.”

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