NEC Hall of Famer Jim Phelan Doesn’t Need Letterman’s Top 10

David Letterman has never invited him onto the Late Night Show, but even so, Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Phelan has made a number of “Top Ten” lists during his life.

Other than his current seventh-place standing on the all-time NCAA Division I coaching wins list, Overtime! doesn’t know exactly how many “Top Ten” lists, Phelan has made.  Whatever that number may be though, Yahoo! Sports writer Jeff Eisenberg just increased it by one.

Being the college hoops junkie that he is, Eisenberg was apparently becoming a bit restless during the offseason. Hence, the creation of The Untouchables,” a 10-part series that is sure to make fans yearn for the start of another season on the hardwood.

In Eisenberg’s words, “The Untouchables is a 10-part series spotlighting college basketball’s most unbreakable records.”

One of those 10 records, No. 5 to be exact, belongs to Phelan.

Sure, Phelan’s 1962 national championship and 830 overall wins are quite impressive, but it’s the 49-year long tenure that is sure to raise eyebrows.


Phelan spent nearly 18,000 days as the head men’s basketball coach at Mount St. Mary’s.

To put it in perspective, no current NEC staff member has even been alive for 18,000 days or 49 years!

Imagine having your dream job at the same place for 49 years! Such was the career of Jim Phelan. (We know it’s hard, but try not to be jealous!)

According to Eisenberg, however, there may never be another man quite as lucky.

Read Eisenberg’s The Untouchables on Yahoo!


From the Tweet Deck
Overtime! would like to thank former Mount St. Mary’s slugger Eric Smith for dropping some NEC baseball knowledge on Twitter last week…

@esmitty29 – 2 current players from the little old NEC currently on the 25 man mlb roster. Slowly waiting for @AndrewBailey40 to return to make it 3!


– June 18, 2012 –

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