Brooklyn Home to NEC Men’s Hoops Champion As Well As Overtime!’s Sixth Man Award Winner

From the #ColonialsCrazies who #PackedTheChuck to the “Monmouth Mob” that followed the Hawks’ men’s team to Moon and the women’s team to Sacred Heart, there has been no shortage of fan support throughout the 2012 NEC Basketball Tournament.

There has been no shortage of interaction amongst the NEC’s fan base via social media either. 

Not only super fans, such as Quinnipiac’s Andrew  McDermott (better known as @AMcDermott21), but cheerleaders, student-athletes, media members, alumni, and even professors  have shared their accounts of the 2012 NEC Tournament via Twitter.

Fans weren’t shy to send their thoughts, predictions, and words of encourage across the social media network, and Overtime! made it a point to present some of the best of this material to you as it became available.

As always, the NEC thanks all of its fans for making this March special, but only one can earn the Overtime! Sixth Man of the Tournament Award.

Overtime! has selected the honoree after the NEC’s two-week long fan interaction-based promotional calendar came to a close.  Read more about the program here.

With the NEC champion LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds set to tip off against Michigan State tonight, it is time for Overtime! to dish out the inaugural Sixth Man honor and there is no doubt that the recipient will be giving his undivided attention to tonight’s transpiring in Columbus.

For the winner has spent the past two weeks making his allegiance quite clear.  He’s obviously a NEC fan, but first and foremost, he’s a fan of the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds.

The 2012 Overtime! Sixth Man Award Recipient is…

Nelson Castillo aka @NellyNel14

Here are some of Nelly’s top Tweets and contributions throughout March.

@NellyNel14 – Here is what’s funny, the combined scores of those 3 meetings: LIU 84 MSU 79. A pts total that will likely be eclipsed on Fri. #LIUFunFacts

@NellyNel14 Yes, LIU Brooklyn is 2-1 all-time vs MSU. Won in ’39-’40 and split meetings in ’40-’41. #LIUFunFacts

@NellyNel14 YES! Just arrived in mail! Will wear proudly this week especially Fri night! @LIUBasketball @LIUAthletics @NECsports

@NellyNel14 – Here are the @ESPN hilites of @LIUBasketball’s @necbbt W. The CJ Garner to Julian Boyd halfcrt alley is #indescribable

@ NellyNel14 – It’s odd yet amazing similarity btwn RMU & LIU of this yr & last. Both r same seeds, almost same NEC W-L, almost same rd 2 finals @necbbt

@NellyNel14 – All we need is the same result but w/ no OT. My heart won’t be able to take that kind of drama 2 yrs str8. Yesterday was enough! @necbbt

@NellyNel14 – Julian Boyd showed tonight why he deserved 2 be #NEC #POY. He carried @LIUBasketball on his back. Drilling Js & scoring down low! #BeastMode

@NellyNel14 – Someone get some oxygen, a towel and some water for Paul Dottino, stat! @necbbt #wagner #RMU

@NellyNel14 – I’m glad my team isn’t playing in this one. My heart wouldn’t be feeling too good right about now. #Nervewrecking @necbbt #RMU #Wagner 

@NellyNel14 – It took almost 15 mins before Paul Dottino got a #NYG reference in. Still on hoops PD!

@NellyNel14 – Let the big dog EAT!!! #JulianBoyd #NECPOY @necbbt

@NellyNel14 – This week is going by much more slowly waiting for Thursday & the #NECTournament to begin. I’m anxious & nervous to see LIU play. #NECmbb


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