Snapshot of Pregame Twitter Activity Minutes Before 2012 NEC WBB Title Tilt Tip-off

@NECcommish – Sitting courtside for @NECsports WBB Chmp game, @SHUBigRed hosting @MUHawks, tip off 3pm #ESPN2. Crowd is fired up, should be a great game!

@josephirace – Looking for a HUGE @MUHawks Women’s Basketball victory over SHU in the NEC Championship and an automatic NCAA bid! @NECBBT

@NellyNel14 – One more #NEC gm left to play. I’m going w/ @SHUBigRed WBB to take the @necbbt WBB ‘ship 2day. They been the best team all season.

@meg_theDOBO – Its almost game time! NEC Championship! Let’s go #hawks !!!! Its our time!

@MUHawksWBB – “You carry on no matter what are the obstacles. You simply refuse to give up, and when the going gets tough, you get tougher, and you win!”

@MUHawksWBB – On the bus to the gym! Let’s go #hawks !!!

@NCAAWomensBKB – More conference tourney champs have been crowned! Congrats to all the student-athletes & coaches who brought home a W!

@SHUSpecSports – Setting the Scene: Monmouth vs. Sacred Heart. NEC Championship Game only 2.5 hours away. @NECsports @NECBBT

@MUPepBand – On our way to CT. NEC championship game on ESPNU at 3PM. @MUHawksWBB GO HAWKS!!!

@MichelleMeliaSJ – Gearing up for a 3pm muwbb start! Go hawks! @MUHawksWBB @MonmouthSB @lynneygirll @lsziggy

@CraigCD13 – Off to The Pitt, will try to tweet during the game…3pm, ESPNU…don’t miss it, we’re talking a trip to the NCAA’s on the line people!!!

@CraigCD13 – Should be a great final, I’ve called enough MU/SHU gms on radio back in the day to know when these 2 get together throw out records & stats

@NeshMc24 – Goodluck todayy @lyshwo1 .!! Go to workk && Get that Chip .!!

@lyshwo1 – ESPNU AT 3 PM! we goin try to make history! πŸ˜€

@lyshwo1 – -Alysha Womack – I can almost taste it……#gameday #necchampionship. Today, all seasons hardwork is GOING to pay off!


– Mar. 11, 2012 –
(Last Updated 2:57 pm)


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