Twitter Activity at Fever Pitch Prior to NEC Men’s Hoops Title Tilt Tip-off on ESPN2

It started after the final horn sounded at LIU Brooklyn following Sunday’s second NEC men’s hoops semifinal.

LIU fan, and a candidate for the 2012 Overtime! NEC Tournament Sixth Man award, NellyNels was one of the first Tweet his mind on the NEC title tilt.

Earlier in the week, he tweeted…

@ NellyNel14 – It’s odd yet amazing similarity btwn RMU & LIU of this yr & last. Both r same seeds, almost same NEC W-L, almost same rd 2 finals @necbbt

@NellyNel14 – All we need is the same result but w/ no OT. My heart won’t be able to take that kind of drama 2 yrs str8. Yesterday was enough! @necbbt

What started as buzz by a few hardcore NEC fans on Sunday has escalated to a fever pitch as the tip-off of Wednesday night’s title bout draws closer.

@hey_M0lly shared her emotions via the social network on Tuesday, Championship Eve when she tweeted… “I’m so anxious for the game tomorrow”


Now, everyone seems to be chiming in about the Big Game in Brooklyn…

@CoachC_30 – NEC championship game.!! LIU men vs. Robert Morris.! Packed house in Brooklyn.!! Also tune in on ESPN2.!!

@alyssaabenson – Apparently the Inquirer didn’t expect #RMCMB to beat Wagner haha. #bobbymo @RMUAthletics

@ralphDrussoAP – March Madness in Brooklyn. I goty Robert Morris at LIU tonight. Hopping on the subway (2 stops). Will check in from the WRAC.

@nybuckets – Pomeroy has the @NECsports championship at 52% for LIU. Accuscore has 51.3% for RMU. #drama

@patokeefe_nyc – Big day in #Brooklyn. @LIUBasketball goes for back-to-back @NECsports titles against RMU. @News12BK – live w/ pre & post-game coverage

@coachpace – #LIUbaby! RT @LIUAthletics: BROOKLYN, ARE YOU READY!? @LIUBasketball vs RMU in NEC Championship ESPN2 at 7 pm TONIGHT!

@nybuckets – #NECMBB wraps up its conference tournament tonight. Here are four questions that could determine the outcome.

@LarissaHouk – Goodluck #RMCMB @AndyToole @VeltonJones2 @RJohnson34 @MyTats_Itch @L_booggie24 @AntMyers5 💙❤🏀

@LarissaHouk – Lets go dancing #RMCMB

@dbon5 – Headed to MSG for an interview! Brooklyn later tonight to watch #RMCMB take on #LIU in the #NEC championship game! Let’s get it

@NickyG_DOE – @TheRealNate_DOE got the tickets 🙂

@lodo9 – Cannot wait for this game tonight! Good luck to all my #RMCMB boys, wish I was there to rush the court. #letsgodancing

@AshMarie_B  – @RMUCheer is now taking over Brooklyn. #NECChampionship #RMUCheer #ontour

@J_BOYD42 – well, I thank all my followers who support me, time ta go get ready 4 this chmapionship. Make sure tune in ESPN2 7(EST) tty at yall after

@pr3tty_AMazing – Good luck tonight LI! Let’s get this second championship !!! 🏀🏀🏀🏆🏆 #BLACKBIRDNATION

@lfaggiano12 – NEC Championship Game tonight…Good luck @LIUBasketball !!! Let’s go Brooklyn!! @J_BOYD42

@AlysseChesney – SOOOO hype for this game tonight! #back2back #blackbirds

@TooTallnSexy – I’m hype about the LIU vs RMU game tonight. #LIU about to 2peat

@Michaelhb – LIU Blackbirds set rock the WRAC for the chip tonight! Shouts to @J_BOYD42 @MallyTheKid @JayBrick15

@WillingDavidson – LIU Blackbirds going for that chip tonight! Good luck @J_BOYD42 @MallyTheKid @JayBrick15

@Dobre22 – Todays the big day legoooo @J_BOYD42 #repeat


Last updated 6:16 pm
– Mar. 7, 2012 –


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