More Semifinal Sunday Twitter Activity…

Highlights from NEC Semifinal #1…


and NEC Semifinal #2…


Quinnipiac’s James Johnson has had quite a career in Hamden and people have taken notice… 

@sportfullcircle – @bobucks It was a privilege covering you in my first year here Bo. A valiant effort with no quit. Best of luck in everything going forward.

@ILovEmyDST – @bobucks You are always the greatest in my eyes. Gd game #Bobcat

@HereREGOagain – @bobucks congrats on a great season and a legendary career, good luck in the future Bo. #JAMESJOHNSON

@RABJr3030 – My man @bobucks – so sad to see you go, you are great and best of luck into the future. Always great seeing you play. Thanks for it all!

@MGausz – @bobucks thanks for everything, D-I scoring leader and Quinnipiac. We’ll really miss you!! #BobcatNation


He’s no James Johnson, but this super fan’s contributions to the program were definitely felt…  

@epconti21 – Shoutout to @AMcDermott21 For supporting us through this journey, greatest fan in QU history 


@NellyNel14 – Julian Boyd showed tonight why he deserved 2 be #NEC #POY. He carried @LIUBasketball on his back. Drilling Js & scoring down low! #BeastMode

@nybuckets – Don’t know if it has been mentioned, but Jason Brickman tied career-high for points tonight with 18.  

@achiappazzi – Amazing how things work out. #LIU and #RMU were picked 1/2 in #NEC preseason poll and were considered 2 favorites.

@jschil – Congrats on a great season QU Men’s basketball. Some said this would be a rebuilding year and we nearly made the champ game. Well played.

@achiappazzi – Will be a short trip for Robert Morris. They were watching in Staten Island after their win. #NEC #RMU

@BillCloutier – James Johnson hits 3 at buzzer but it’s too little as LIU holds on for dramatic 78-75 win. The Blackbirds are in the final again.

@NellyNel14 – Let the big dog EAT!!! #JulianBoyd #NECPOY @necbbt



They love their #NEChoops at the #JerseyShore

@jimwoods100 – @NECralph @AndyToole u’ll be happy to know the game was on big screen #2 at The Boathouse during Belmar parade. I was locked in. Congrats


From one Jersey Shore guy to another…

@EddyO8 – @AndyToole Congrats on the win today coach, very composed performance by your team in a tough spot. Good luck in the title game


Gracious and Classy in defeat…  

@Jthom25 – I love my teammates and this entire program, this has been a special journey! #allinalways @WagnerHoops

@Jthom25 – A huge thank you to all of our fans and supporters that have been here for us along our fight for the NCAA Tourney run! Love you all! #a.i.a

@dhurley15 – Our kids dreams of going to the NCAA’s ended 2day.Never been prouder of any team as a player or coach. Set school records. Great young men.


Congratulations all around for the #Colonials… 

@coachmikerice – Congrats @AndyToole and #RMU for a hard fought W! I know they rooting hard to get on a bus and get back to Moon Twshp.

@pugfuhrman – Congrats to my RMU boys @VeltonJones2 @RJohnson34 @AntMyers5 @Loaded_Luck22 @MyTats_Itch @twofive_swag @L_booggie24 @DaveAppolon_4 and rest


That’s right RMU can host the title game if Quinnipiac is able to top LIU…

@pioneer_pride – Looks like I’m a #Quinnipiac upset away from driving to west PA on Wed. It’d be all good- I’d love to meet the #ColonialCrazies at the Chuck 


RMU-WAG reaction from NEC bloggers/hoops gurus… 

@achiappazzi – Robert Morris rode its defense to a 71-64 win over Wagner and its fourth straight #NEC title game appearance. #RMU

@achiappazzi – Stat of the night – after all those fouls for Robert Morris, not a single Colonial fouled out of the game. 30 team fouls, no DQs. #NEC

@nybuckets – @achiappazzi Toole did a masterful job of managing the lineups and his players did a good job adjusting. Amazing.

@achiappazzi  – What’s fantastic for the #NEC is Robert Morris/Wagner graduates 3 players…combined. This match-up is just on hold til next year.

@JonRothstein – This will be back to back NEC title game appearances for Robert Morris under @AndyToole. Has taken the baton from @CoachMikeRice + ran w it.

@JonRothstein – The dream season ending for Wagner. Robert Morris about to advance to the NEC Finals. What a win for @AndyToole.

@achiappazzi – Lucky Jones has been outstanding down the stretch for Robert Morris. Such poise for a freshman. 65-59 #RMU with 1:06 to go


@NellyNel14 – I’m glad my team isn’t playing in this one. My heart wouldn’t be feeling too good right about now. #Nervewrecking @necbbt #RMU #Wagner  

@NellyNel14 – It took almost 15 mins before Paul Dottino got a #NYG reference in. Still on hoops PD!


Tournament Tweet of the Day (Mar. 4)
@jimwoods100 – @NECralph @AndyToole u’ll be happy to know the game was on big screen #2 at The Boathouse during Belmar parade. I was locked in. Congrats

We still don’t understand why it wasn’t on Big Screen #1… 


Tournament Image of the Day (Mar. 4)


Bobcat Nation had a strong presence in Brooklyn…


– Mar. 4, 2012 –






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