All-NEC Men’s Hoops Teams Being Tweeted out Today; Which Fans Got It Right?

The NEC Overtime! Blog began soliciting fans’ votes for 2012 Men’s and Women’s Basketball All-Conference honors and here’s some of what we received…


@_jzimmer – Mens all conference team: shane gibson, ike azotam, kyle vinales, jason brickman, latif rivers

@_jzimmer – men’s coach of year: Jim Ferry (LIU)

@_jzimmer – men’s rookie of the year: Kyle Vinales of CCSU


Mr. Schotz seconds Zimmer’s Vinales pick…

@Takingbadschotz – @NECsports Easy, #KyleVinales


@GumpHutch – all nec team – Boyd olasewere azotam Gibson velton Jones.

@GumpHutch – defensive player of the year- ken horton- 1.28 bpg (4th in nec), 1.88 spg (1st in nec), 6.12 defensive rpg (2nd in nec).

@GumpHutch – nec men’s coach of the year- Glenn Braica. led a team that was not expected to do much to a top 4 finish in the nec.

@GumpHutch – originally was leaning towards Glenn Braica as coach of the yr but late season plunge changed my vote to dan hurley at wagner

@GumpHutch – rookie of the year- kyle vinales 18.1 ppg (2nd in nec) 3.46 apg (11th in nec), 1.15 spg (15th in nec), .822 ft % (4th in nec)

@GumpHutch – @NECsports player of the year- julian boyd. liu is 15-1 in nec, boyd leads them in ppg 17.2 (5th in nec) and rebounds 9.3 (2nd in nec).

@GumpHutch – @NECsports narrowing my all-nec men’s basketball team picks. looking forward to winning some prizes and a great nec tourney. go monmouth!


@GumpHutch isn’t the only one having trouble making up his mind for NEC Men’s Coach of the Year…

@Ds0589 – Monmouth because of a new coach still using some of Calloway’s players and them making the conference tourney after not last yr

@Ds0589 – MU also started slow at 0-8 but 12-11 since.Also suffered 2 blowout losses to start In NEC but went 10-8. Seems like a good movie

@Ds0589 – @NECsports Men’s Coach of the Year Prediction: Glenn Braica, Women’s Coach of the Year Prediction: Tricia Fabbri

@Ds0589 – Men’s Rookie of the Year Prediction Kyle Vinales CCSU, Women’s Rookie of the Year Prediction Gabrielle Washington Sacred Heart


@NellyNel14 – All-#NECmbb 1st Team: Julian Boyd (LIU), Jamal Olasewere (LIU), Shane Gibson (SHU), Ken Horton (CCSU), Velton Jones (RMU)

@NellyNel14 – #NECMBB Defensive Player of the Year: Velton Jones – RMU

@NellyNel14 – My #NEC POY is Shane Gibson of SHU. He is the league’s best scorer & best shooter. The guy makes play on both ends.


@FMauceri –  First Team All NEC: Latif Rivers, Tyler Murray, Jesse Steele, Jamal Olaseware and Julian Boyd. Great year for the NEC.

@FMauceri – For NEC COY @dhurley15.

@Dcast2013 –  Men’s 1st team: Shane Gibson, Ken Horton, Julian Norfleet, Julian Boyd, Latiff Rivers

@Dcast2013 – It Rookie of the Year day. I gotta cast my vote for Kelvin Parker. Great year, consistent player, and only a walk-on!

@Dcast2013 – men’s coach of the year: Danny Hurley. Women’s coach of the year: Bryan Whitten- MSM. great turnaround from last year


@edwhitemagic – @NECsports my vote for MBB coach of the year is Glenn Braica of St. Francis (NY)

@edwhitemagic – @NECsports my vote for MBB ROY is Jalen Cannon from SFC (NY)


This #ColonialCrazy put his chips on the “Pitbull” for NEC Men’s Player of the Year…

@kunkel5 –  All NEC 1st team. Velton Jones, Shane Gibson, Latiff Rivers, Jamal Olasewere, Julian Boyd.

@kunkel5 – velton jones POY

@pugfuhrman – RT if you think @VeltonJones2 aka Pitbull should be NEC Player of the Year. #RMCMB #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES


@meadjeff – MBB 1st team prediction: Boyd, Olasewere, Horton, Velton Jones, Shane Gibson

@AMcDermott21 –  #NECMBB 1st team predictions: Shane Gibson, Ken Horton, Julian Boyd, Jamal Olaswere, James Johnson

‏@achiappazzi – ColonialsCorner @NECSports 1st team hoops picks – J. Olasawere, S. Gibson, V. Jones, R. Ptacek, J. Boyd (POY). Vinales (ROY), Braica (COY)

@Rupes31 – Shane Gibson, Velton Jones, Ike Azotam, Julian Boyd and Ken Horton


If we had to guess, the Joe below is a Monmouth alumnus…

@josephirace – How about Ed Waite of Monmouth U for the NEC Defensive Player of the Year?

@josephirace – @NECsports @NECralph Coach King Rice of Monmouth deserves some support for Coach of the Year!!!

@josephirace – How about @MonmouthBBall @Dion_Nesmith for Rookie of the Year? Helped lead @MUHawks to the NEC Tourney!

@josephirace – As much as I’d like to see a Monmouth Hawk, 2012 Player of the Year would have to be Julian Boyd of LIU.


A soccer guy gives his hoops picks…

@kratsoccer – All nec team is Ken Horton Shane Gibson Julian Boyd Jamal Olasewere Velton Jones

@kratsoccer – defensive player of the year Kenneth Ortiz

@kratsoccer – coach of the year Glenn Braica

@kratsoccer – rookie of the year kyle Vinales

@kratsoccer – player of the year julian boyd

@kratsoccer – @NECsports player of the tear Julian boyd


The Mount’s Kelvin Parker has picked up some fans, one of which is one of the NCAA”s top Decathletes, along the way…

@victorious_shaw – Kelvin Parker for NEC Rookie of the Year

‏@Sportsguy1341 – Kelvin Parker rookie of the year

@justinebraith – Kelvin Parker for NEC Rookie of the Year @NECralph @NECsports

@TFitz_Deca8K – @NECsports K. Parker – Mount


Inside the minds of NEC Bloggers Buckets and Pride

@nybuckets – @NECsports My first team: Julian Boyd (LIU), Velton Jones (RMU), Ken Horton (CCSU), Shane Gibson (SHU), Latif Rivers (WAG)

@nybuckets – It is super tough to leave Jamal Olasewere off the first team, but those five guys are linchpins.

@nybuckets  – for ROY I’m going with Jalen Cannon from St. Francis (NY).

@pioneer_pride – @NECralph Ken Horton is my #NECMBB Defensive Player of the Year

@pioneer_pride – I’ll take Vinales as ROY and Hurley as COY. I’d vote for Braica for COY, but this a contest & I think Hurley will have more votes

@pioneer_pride – My POY is the greatest player in Sacred Heart history, Shane Gibson!


Not just bloggers, but everyone seems to have an all-NEC opinion, even the pep band…

@MUPepBand – @NECsports defensive player: men: Phill Wait Women: Abby Martin

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