Who the Fans Think Will Be the Big Winners in Today’s All-NEC WBB Twitter Announcement

UPDATED (11:34 am) – The league made its All-NEC WBB announcement via Twitter and here are the results of the coaches’ vote. After reading, scroll down and see which fans made the right calls!


Fans Tweeted in their thoughts on who deserves the coveted 2012 NEC Women’s Basketball postseason honors, and we share some of what they had to say below, but we couldn’t help but comment on some of the selections.

Also, at 11:00 am on Wednesday, we will find out which fans best know their NEC hoops when the All-NEC Women’s Hoops honorees are announced via Twitter (@NECsports).


@CraigCD13 – @NECsports #NECWBB 1st team pretty easy: Laury, Barron, Taylor, Palmer, & Spanou…thinking 2nd team is a challenge, too many good players

@JohnHannafin25 – women first team Ashley Palmer, Callan Taylor, Kelly Clark, Mariah Laury, Artemous Spanu @NECsports

@AMcDermott21 – @NECsports #NECWBB 1st team predictions: Ashley Palmer, Felicia Barron, Callan Taylor, Briannica Tye, Selina Mann


Bobcat Nation seems to have a unified opinion…

@_yourpharytale  – “@AMcDermott21: @NECsports #NECWBB 1st team predictions: Ashley Palmer, Felicia Barron, Callan Taylor, Briannica Tye, Selina Mann”

@_yourpharytale –  “@Ds0589: @NECsports Women’s All 1st-team NEC Predictions Ashley Palmer, Felicia Barron, Callan Taylor, Alexandra Williams, Alysha Womack


He couldn’t make up his mind on t eh men’s side, so let’s see if his women’s choice is the right one…

@MGausz – @NECsports Men’s: Tied Ousmane Drame & Kyle Vinales Womens-Jasmine Martin


More support for the rookie Bobcat…

@KNoonan15 – @NECsports Kyle Vinales for #NECMBB and Jasmine Martin for #NECWBB


But this fan thinks the top rookie plays 30 or so miles away in Fairfield…

@OhYeahhJLO – @NECsports #NECWBB Rookie of the year Gabrielle Washington

@CraigCD13 – @NECsports I’m going with SHU’s Gabrielle Washington slightly over FDU’s Erika Livermore for #NECWBB ROTY


This coach may be a bit partial, but she’s entitled to her opinion…

@CoachLSteele – @NECsports @NECralph we want Selina Mann for NEC Defensive POY!!!


Now these can’t all be Mount coaches, can they???

@kchristie32 – @NECsports selina mann defensive player of the year

@Duchess0876 – Selina Mann is my choice for Defensive Player of the Year poll.

@CraigCD13 – @NECsports Selina Mann of the Mount for #NECWBB Defensive Player of Year


Mount’s turnaround turning some heads…

@CraigCD13 – @NECsports After today, now fully backing Bryan Whitten for #NECWBB COTY…6 straight + 5W better than last year’s NEC record w/1 game to go

@CraigCD13 @NECsports Otherwise I’d say QU’s Coach Fabbri as #NECWBB Coach of the Year, especially if the Bobcats win the regular season


No doubt Coach Steele knows how to say all the right things…

@CoachLSteele – Bryan Whitten for NEC coach of the year : )


He was right on the men’s pick, but will he nail the women’s selection, too?

@4true1yinzer2 – @NECsports Julian Boyd and Artemis Spanou


The people seem to like the Greek Goddess of Hoops, but will see garner enough coaches’ votes to claim the NEC’s top individual honor?

@OBX31chillin – @NECsports Artemis Spanou hands down in WBB 3rd in the country in dbl dbls #swagg @Arte_15

@kunkel5 – SPANOU

NEC Turns to Twitter to Announce Its All-Conference Men’s Hoops Picks, Engage Fans

Here’s some select reaction to the Twitter announcement of the 2012 All-NEC Hoops honorees.

These Pio fans were on edge in anticipation on the all-NEC men’s hoops announcement…

@ColleenWall – @NECralph My eyes are glued to the @NECsports timeline right now. #HeyyGoPioneers

@pioneer_pride – I’m probably more nervous than Shane Gibson right now! #GetALife


When they finally heard the announcement, it left them wanting more…

@pioneer_pride – Congrats to Julian Boyd, your 2011-2012 #NECMBB Player of the Year. Another tough loss for SHU, I felt Gibson deserved it a little more

@ColleenWall – Would’ve been nice to see Gibson take POY, but Boyd definitely deserved it. #LIU is a force this season with him. #NECHoops

@DCTViper89 – Congratulations to @Baby_Kenther on his 1st Team All-NEC selection and @kylevinales1 on his All-Rookie Team selection along with ROTY. #CCSU

@FMauceri – Congrats to Tyler Murray and Latif Rivers @WagnerHoops AllNEC 2nd team. Now on to the playoffs. Go Seahawks!

@nybuckets – A big congrats to @SFCTerriers’ Glenn Braica for winning #NECMBB coach of the year. He’s done an amazing job. Let’s see what Thurs. brings.

@nybuckets – Congrats to @LIUBasketball’s Julian Boyd for winning #NECMBB POY. He definitely deserves the award.

@pioneer_pride – Deon Neismith of @MonmouthBBall earning All Rookie Team a bit of a surprise. I had @MountAthletics Kelvin Parker instead.


Happy fans are always good, after all, the NEC is dedicating this tournament to YOU! #YourTourney#YourHouse

@DCTViper89 – Love that @NECSports announced their award winners on Twitter. Get all the fans involved.

@FMauceri – @NECsports Nice job announcing the awards on line! Keep it up.


Remember NEC Hoops fans, the 2012 All-NEC Women’s Basketball honorees will be announced via Twitter, too.  Make sure you’re following @NECsports on Wednesday (Feb. 29) at 11:00 am.


– Feb. 28, 2012 –


All-NEC Men’s Hoops Teams Being Tweeted out Today; Which Fans Got It Right?

The NEC Overtime! Blog began soliciting fans’ votes for 2012 Men’s and Women’s Basketball All-Conference honors and here’s some of what we received…


@_jzimmer – Mens all conference team: shane gibson, ike azotam, kyle vinales, jason brickman, latif rivers

@_jzimmer – men’s coach of year: Jim Ferry (LIU)

@_jzimmer – men’s rookie of the year: Kyle Vinales of CCSU


Mr. Schotz seconds Zimmer’s Vinales pick…

@Takingbadschotz – @NECsports Easy, #KyleVinales


@GumpHutch – all nec team – Boyd olasewere azotam Gibson velton Jones.

@GumpHutch – defensive player of the year- ken horton- 1.28 bpg (4th in nec), 1.88 spg (1st in nec), 6.12 defensive rpg (2nd in nec).

@GumpHutch – nec men’s coach of the year- Glenn Braica. led a team that was not expected to do much to a top 4 finish in the nec.

@GumpHutch – originally was leaning towards Glenn Braica as coach of the yr but late season plunge changed my vote to dan hurley at wagner

@GumpHutch – rookie of the year- kyle vinales 18.1 ppg (2nd in nec) 3.46 apg (11th in nec), 1.15 spg (15th in nec), .822 ft % (4th in nec)

@GumpHutch – @NECsports player of the year- julian boyd. liu is 15-1 in nec, boyd leads them in ppg 17.2 (5th in nec) and rebounds 9.3 (2nd in nec).

@GumpHutch – @NECsports narrowing my all-nec men’s basketball team picks. looking forward to winning some prizes and a great nec tourney. go monmouth!


@GumpHutch isn’t the only one having trouble making up his mind for NEC Men’s Coach of the Year…

@Ds0589 – Monmouth because of a new coach still using some of Calloway’s players and them making the conference tourney after not last yr

@Ds0589 – MU also started slow at 0-8 but 12-11 since.Also suffered 2 blowout losses to start In NEC but went 10-8. Seems like a good movie

@Ds0589 – @NECsports Men’s Coach of the Year Prediction: Glenn Braica, Women’s Coach of the Year Prediction: Tricia Fabbri

@Ds0589 – Men’s Rookie of the Year Prediction Kyle Vinales CCSU, Women’s Rookie of the Year Prediction Gabrielle Washington Sacred Heart


@NellyNel14 – All-#NECmbb 1st Team: Julian Boyd (LIU), Jamal Olasewere (LIU), Shane Gibson (SHU), Ken Horton (CCSU), Velton Jones (RMU)

@NellyNel14 – #NECMBB Defensive Player of the Year: Velton Jones – RMU

@NellyNel14 – My #NEC POY is Shane Gibson of SHU. He is the league’s best scorer & best shooter. The guy makes play on both ends.


@FMauceri –  First Team All NEC: Latif Rivers, Tyler Murray, Jesse Steele, Jamal Olaseware and Julian Boyd. Great year for the NEC.

@FMauceri – For NEC COY @dhurley15.

@Dcast2013 –  Men’s 1st team: Shane Gibson, Ken Horton, Julian Norfleet, Julian Boyd, Latiff Rivers

@Dcast2013 – It Rookie of the Year day. I gotta cast my vote for Kelvin Parker. Great year, consistent player, and only a walk-on!

@Dcast2013 – men’s coach of the year: Danny Hurley. Women’s coach of the year: Bryan Whitten- MSM. great turnaround from last year


@edwhitemagic – @NECsports my vote for MBB coach of the year is Glenn Braica of St. Francis (NY)

@edwhitemagic – @NECsports my vote for MBB ROY is Jalen Cannon from SFC (NY)


This #ColonialCrazy put his chips on the “Pitbull” for NEC Men’s Player of the Year…

@kunkel5 –  All NEC 1st team. Velton Jones, Shane Gibson, Latiff Rivers, Jamal Olasewere, Julian Boyd.

@kunkel5 – velton jones POY

@pugfuhrman – RT if you think @VeltonJones2 aka Pitbull should be NEC Player of the Year. #RMCMB #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES


@meadjeff – MBB 1st team prediction: Boyd, Olasewere, Horton, Velton Jones, Shane Gibson

@AMcDermott21 –  #NECMBB 1st team predictions: Shane Gibson, Ken Horton, Julian Boyd, Jamal Olaswere, James Johnson

‏@achiappazzi – ColonialsCorner @NECSports 1st team hoops picks – J. Olasawere, S. Gibson, V. Jones, R. Ptacek, J. Boyd (POY). Vinales (ROY), Braica (COY)

@Rupes31 – Shane Gibson, Velton Jones, Ike Azotam, Julian Boyd and Ken Horton


If we had to guess, the Joe below is a Monmouth alumnus…

@josephirace – How about Ed Waite of Monmouth U for the NEC Defensive Player of the Year?

@josephirace – @NECsports @NECralph Coach King Rice of Monmouth deserves some support for Coach of the Year!!!

@josephirace – How about @MonmouthBBall @Dion_Nesmith for Rookie of the Year? Helped lead @MUHawks to the NEC Tourney!

@josephirace – As much as I’d like to see a Monmouth Hawk, 2012 Player of the Year would have to be Julian Boyd of LIU.


A soccer guy gives his hoops picks…

@kratsoccer – All nec team is Ken Horton Shane Gibson Julian Boyd Jamal Olasewere Velton Jones

@kratsoccer – defensive player of the year Kenneth Ortiz

@kratsoccer – coach of the year Glenn Braica

@kratsoccer – rookie of the year kyle Vinales

@kratsoccer – player of the year julian boyd

@kratsoccer – @NECsports player of the tear Julian boyd


The Mount’s Kelvin Parker has picked up some fans, one of which is one of the NCAA”s top Decathletes, along the way…

@victorious_shaw – Kelvin Parker for NEC Rookie of the Year

‏@Sportsguy1341 – Kelvin Parker rookie of the year

@justinebraith – Kelvin Parker for NEC Rookie of the Year @NECralph @NECsports

@TFitz_Deca8K – @NECsports K. Parker – Mount


Inside the minds of NEC Bloggers Buckets and Pride

@nybuckets – @NECsports My first team: Julian Boyd (LIU), Velton Jones (RMU), Ken Horton (CCSU), Shane Gibson (SHU), Latif Rivers (WAG)

@nybuckets – It is super tough to leave Jamal Olasewere off the first team, but those five guys are linchpins.

@nybuckets  – for ROY I’m going with Jalen Cannon from St. Francis (NY).

@pioneer_pride – @NECralph Ken Horton is my #NECMBB Defensive Player of the Year

@pioneer_pride – I’ll take Vinales as ROY and Hurley as COY. I’d vote for Braica for COY, but this a contest & I think Hurley will have more votes

@pioneer_pride – My POY is the greatest player in Sacred Heart history, Shane Gibson!


Not just bloggers, but everyone seems to have an all-NEC opinion, even the pep band…

@MUPepBand – @NECsports defensive player: men: Phill Wait Women: Abby Martin

2012 NEC Women’s Basketball Tournament Seeding Set

The regular season on the hardwood is over and here’s how it all wound up on the women’s side.

2012 NEC Tournament Seeding
1)      Sacred Heart

2)      Quinnipiac

3)      Monmouth

4)      Robert Morris

5)      Saint Francis (PA)

6)      LIU Brooklyn

7)      Mount St. Mary’s

8)      Fairleigh Dickinson


2012 NEC Men’s & Women’s Basketball Championship Bracket (Updated)

Final Monday of Regular Season NEC Hoops Awaits Plus All-NEC Updates & MORE

It’s the last Monday of February in the Northeast Conference and that can mean only one thing.  The following hashtag from Monmouth forward Abby Martin says it all.

@abbym_45 – #Gameday

Monday Morning Hoops Tweets
@coachpace – Its beautiful in Brooklyn today and its #GameDay for @LIUwbb

@harmonmt – Final day of reg season for #NECWBB .. should be a good one northeastconference.tv .. RMU vs SHU @NECSPORTS .. seeds are up for grabs .. 7pm

‏@MountAthletics – WBB: The Mount ends the regular season at CCSU for the second time in program history tonight and the first time since 2005-06. #GOMOUNT!

@CraigCD13 – Used player effeciency formula to figure out #NECWBB MVP (pts+reb+ast+blk+stl) – (missed FG+missed FT+TO)/games played…

‏@CraigCD13 – So right now I’m leaning Taylor, but we’ll see what happens tonight, RMU/SHU on the #NECWBB Game of the Week on northeastconference.tv

@Bryant_wbball – Tonight we will be honoring our seniors for all the sacrifices they made for the program #seniorday

@QUSpiritGroup – Huge WBB game tonight at 7 at TD Bank…get out and support them!! #LetsGoBobcats


The men closed the book on the regular season on Saturday and the women will follow tonight.

The eight-team field for the league’s 31st annual men’s basketball tournament is in place and the quarterfinal round will tip off on Thursday night, Mar. 1.

On the women’s side, eight teams have punched their tickets to the 26th annual NEC Women’s Basketball Championship but will need the results of tonight’s games to finalize their seeding.

As soon, as tonight’s action comes to a close, Overtime! will have your updated bracket with women’s match-ups.

For now, here’s what the 2012 bracket looks like…


NEC Player of the Year Fan Vote remains open until Monday, Feb. 27 11:59 pm.

@pioneer_pride – My POY is the greatest player in Sacred Heart history, Shane Gibson!

After those strong words we know who Mr. Pride supports for the NEC Men’s Basketball Player of the Year, but who are you for?  Tweet your selection @NECsports. Oh, and don’t be like Mr. Pride and forget to send in your women’s pick, too.


All-NEC Announcements on Twitter!
Make sure you are following @NECsports & @NECBBT and you will be one of the first to know which of your favorite NEC hoops players achieved all-conference status.

All-NEC MBB Announcement – Feb. 28 at 11:00 am

All-NEC WBB Announcement – Feb. 29 at 11:00 am


– Feb. 27, 2012 –


‘Tweet-cap’ for Wild NEC Weekend on Hardwood

It started on Saturday morning and the wildness lasted past dusk and into the night. 

In an always-entertaining match-up, Robert Morris tipped off a day of NEC hoops at Quinnipiac just after 11:00 am on ESPNU.

Then, in between games of a NEC-TV doubleheader at Sacred Heart, the power went out!

The power was clearly on later that night at the Jersey Shore where Monmouth treated its fans to a record offensive performance.

Here’s what happened on the hardwood Saturday (via Twitter) and what folks have been Tweeting about it since…

@dbon5 – Crazy day in the #NEC! Monmouth up big on LIU right now, CCSU dominates Wagner, FDU upsets SFNY. What’s going on out here?!

@MUHawks -Triple Digits! The Hawks are tearing it up tonight with just 3 minutes left! #GOHAWKS #upby30 http://pic.twitter.com/0fdrC3wJ

@MUHawks – THE CROWD STORMS THE COURT! This has been truly one to remember as @MonmouthBBall takes the WIN devastating LIU 106-78 #HAWKNATION #STANDUP!

@MUWSoccer – AWESOME WIN @MonmouthBBall

@achiappazzi – Wow. Monmouth hangs 106 on LIU Brooklyn, wins by 28. Next stop for Monmouth? Robert Morris. #RMU

@kunkel5 – @achiappazzi let’s hope we bring the D.


@wspaxton – SHU rides into NEC tourney on a high, beats SFPA 72-57 … Gibson with 28 points

@wspaxton – Gibson ties school record for scoring at D-I level for a career with 3-pointer … SHU leads SFNY 51-43

@JonRothstein – Jim Ferry deserves more credit 4 the job he’s done at LIU. Blackbirds 35-3 in last 2 years of NEC play heading into Sat’s game at Monmouth.


@BillCloutier – #Quinnipiac ready to tip off against nemesis Robert Morris. Game is on ESPNU #NECBB

@Christian_Hanna – Watching the Robert Morris at Quinnipiac game on @ESPNU ! @NECsports MBB really starting to transform into a solid Mid Major Conference!

@BillCloutier – RMU closed first half on an 11-1 run and the game is tied at 38 at the half. Both James Johnson and Velton Jones have 14.

@BillCloutier – James Johnson finished with 28 including 2 huge 3-pointers down stretch as Quinnipiac beat Robert Morris 73-69

@pjfoti – #Quinnipiac men’s basketball defeats #RobertMorris 73-69. http://bit.ly/w9FPWJ @QUAthletics @NECsports #NECMBB ESPNU

@JonRothstein – Huge win for Tom Moore and Quinnipiac at home over Robert Morris. James Johnson with 28.


@SHUBigRed – Men’s Hoop Senior Day Live on MSG Plus http://fb.me/18hHgmLxL

@SHUBigRed – Due to a power outage, tip-off of the women’s basketball game has been delayed. Start time is still to be… http://fb.me/1cD1l2HZv

‏@NECsports – Women still shooting around despite no power gives a new definition to #shootthelightsout

@SHUBigRed – LET THERE BE LIGHT!! Power has been restored to the Pitt Center. New tip off time will be 4:03 with Senior Day… http://fb.me/165aHMXRN

@SFUathletics – Sacred Heart outlasts Red Flash, 66-61 http://bit.ly/xHiu1N


@MUHawksWBB – Congrats Seniors! #hawks http://lockerz.com/s/187167169

@MUHawksWBB – What an incredible game! Way to pull that out #hawks !!!

@MUHawksWBB – SENIOR DAY for Gena, AC, & Shay! Thanks for your hardwork & dedication, but we’re not done yet! Let’s go #hawks !!!!


Post-Play Saturday…
@dhurley15 – Losing never feels good but so proud of what our kids have accomplished this year. 24-5 overall-school record. 15-3 in NEC. 12-3 on road.

@BillCloutier – FDU stuns St. Francis (NY) in NEC men’s game. That means #Quinnipiac will open at St. Francis on Thursday in NEC tourney

@QUSpiritGroup – Awesome job by all of the sports teams today, some great games and some great crowds. #LiveTheLegend #GoBobcats

@WagnerAthletics –  MBB: It’s official … @WagnerHoops will host CCSU in a rematch of today’s game on Thursday, March 1 at 7:00 pm … #NECMBB

@CraigCD13 – Off to the laboratory to try and figure out some NECWBB tiebreakers…who know’s how much calculus & trig it will take to figure this out

@kunkel5 – Man the @NECsports men’s bball tournament is going to be nuts! Can’t wait!! What a wild day.


NEC News of the Day: What Came out of a Whirlwind Night of Hoops…

Heads had to be spinning on Thursday night.

With all that transpired over such a short time in NEC men’s basketball, how could the heads of John Templon aka Mr. NYbuckets and Ryan Peters aka Mr. Pioneer Pride have been stationary?

Ken Horton was busy dashing the Mount’s playoffs hopes by pouring in 39 points before NEC-TV audience. 

Then, there was Monmouth scurrying back from an 18-point deficit to upset St. Francis (NY). 

Oh, and Fairleigh Dickinson gave NEC regular season champion LIU Brooklyn a huge scare before the Blackbirds pulled away on the back of San Antone’s own Julian Boyd who put up 21 and 20.

Throughout the night, whether it was coming from Paul Dottino and Tim Capstraw on NEC-TV or Andrew Chiappazzi in the blog-o-sphere, there was the constant monitoring of who was leading their respective games and how that would affect NEC Tournament seeding.

Amidst all the scoreboard watching, spewing of playoff scenarios, and action-packed moments, there was one phenomenal finish that had everyone talking.

Sacred Heart appeared headed toward a solid home win over Robert Morris when freshman Phil Gaetano hit a pair of free throws to give the Pioneers a 53-52 lead with 4.6 ticks left. 

That’s when this happened…


Then came the explosion on Twitter…

@achiappazzi – Velton Jones’ 3-pointer at the buzzer pushes Robert Morris into 3rd place in #NEC with 55-53 win over Sacred Heart – http://ow.ly/9g6Gc

@reed_corey – Shout out to my boy @VeltonJones2 for being clutch tonight

@the_realT – S/O @VeltonJones2 Heard he held it down tonight. #GameWinner

@LarissaHouk – : Great job @VeltonJones2 winning the game tn #RMCMB

@pugfuhrman – RT if you think @VeltonJones2 aka Pitbull should be NEC Player of the Year. #RMCMB #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES #VJONES


Right Time, Right Place
Central Connecticut’s Ken Horton picked the perfect night to go off for a career-high 39 points.  Overtime! Blog has confirmed that NBA scout Larry Harris was taking in last night’s game sitting courtside in New Britain.  With his Golden State Warriors’ pad-folio in hand, Harris was seen filling up at least two pages of notes on the reigning NEC Player of the Year.  Harris just isn’t just your average NBA scout, either.  The son of well-traveled coach Del Harris served a stint as General Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks.  Obviously, no one was inside of Harris’ head last night, nor does anyone know just how much interest the Warriors have in Horton, but at the very least, Harris had to be impressed.


Green Comes Back to Hackensack
Fairleigh Dickinson honored its former head coach Tom Green for his recent selection into the Northeast Conference Hall of Fame.  Here’s what the 400-plus game winner had to say…


How the Seeding Sorts Out
LIU Brooklyn locked up the top seed in the upcoming NEC Men’s Basketball Tournament on Thursday night. 

Wagner is assured of the No. 2 seed, while a third New York City team, St. Francis (NY), is in  battle with Robert Morris for the No. 3 slot.

All four of the aforementioned teams will host quarterfinal home games when the Tournament tips off on Thursday, March 1.

Sacred Heart is locked in at No. 8. And 4, 5, and 6 will go to Central Connecticut, Quinnipiac, and Monmouth, but not necessarily in that order. 

NEC resident men’s hoops guru Ron Ratner has laid out all the situations for those wondering.

NEC Tiebreaker/Seeding Scenarios

And, apparently, NortheastConference.TV play-by-play man Craig D’Amico took a stab at it too.

@CraigCD13 Handy dandy, color coded chart for all of the 2012 @NECSports #NECMBB playoff possibilities http://twitpic.com/8o1hew 


Only three conferences boast three 22+ win teams. #NECMBB is one of them (Big 12, CAA). Wagner leads with 24, LIU & RMU with 22. #BannerYear

Taste of Spring on Twitter
NEC spring sports are in action! (Believe it or not!)

@WagnerAthletics – BB: Tonight’s @WagBaseball game to be broadcast on FCS Pacific … FCS schedule: http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom//binary/2012/02/17/FCS_Pacific_-_Web_Schedule1329525936023.pdf channel finder: http://fcs.channelfinder.net/start.asp 

@Scott_Stump – Monmouth U jr. RHP and top prospect Pat Light (CBA) getting some love from Baseball America – http://www.baseballamerica.com/blog/college/2012/02/monmouths-pat-light-impresses-in-opener/

@ruhlet13 – Goodbye emmitsburg hello jacksonville #starttheseason #yolo

@MUHawksbaseball – Team practice at UVA!


– Feb. 24, 2012 –