Overtime! Monitors Thursday Twitter Activity: Hoops Games, Weather, and Tebow Have the NEC Talkin/Tweetin

NEC fans and student-athletes have been blowing up Twitter today and we felt the need to share some of the best news, comments, and updates with you.


There’s a ton of excitement building for what should be a terrific Thursday night of NEC men’s hoops.

@hEy_m0lly – #heat really lost last night. Im legitimately sad. At least #RMCMB will hopefully get a win for me tonight!

@justinebraith – Gonna be a long day… Bball game at 7 tonight. Mount vs CCSU

@RMU – Steelers are done, Penguins are down. But the Colonials are alive and kicking tonight at the Chuck vs. #Quinnipiac. Be there. #RMCMB

@L_booggie24 – #GameDay

@kunkel5 – RMU Colonial Crazies shirts on sale tonight. 5$ money goes back to student section and there will be more benefits to come.

@MountCheer – most of us are moving back to the mount today for the game tonight and games saturday! #gomount


Whether you are home watching hoops tonight or not, you’ll definitely want to be indoors tomorrow according to the latest forecast from this Colonial.

@AshMarie_B – Its supposed to snow & be icy tomorrow. Cue the complaints of the weather, even though it’s winter & we live in Pa. #ithappens


We knew he did. The NJ Sportscaster of the Year (according to the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and Hall of Fame) expresses his true feelings about the Northeast Conference.

@harmonmt – @NECralph love the NEC


Former Mount baller Kelly Beidler has some advice we can all use from time to time.

@DatsKB4ya – man just keep grindin….pay the set backs no mind and find a way


Note to ESPN programming director and Sportscenter writers, these guys are getting tired of it.

@shawnemerriman – Watching the Tebow soap opera on @espn you have to appreciate how he’s handling it

@DWashington12 – If all #Sportscenter wants to show is #Tebows games make sure they show the L against the #Lions at home


He’s covered his share of NEC hoops, but this Courant columnist will be watching the next episode of the Tebow Saga unfold this Saturday…

@jacobscourant – As it is written, I will be following a star to Foxboro on Saturday night to get from Conn. to Foxboro to cover Tim Tebow.


Not surprising that this former NEC champion has yet to lose a step.

@msguyanesemix – Amazing workout this morning! My speed is there


Now she has the right idea!

@LarissaHouk – 5 day weekends >>>


This former all-NEC women’s lax star should make a great mentor.

@kittCattt8 – First full day coaching… Excited to get back into things


You can cross off Wiz Khalifa from this baseball pitcher’s list of warm-up songs.

@Cjfieldss CJ – Wiz Khalifa is the definition of a modern day sell out.


I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow…

@rmucoop44 – Question: does anyone else enjoy or have enjoyed frozen brown cinnamon sugar pop-tarts?

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