Overtime!’s Mid-week Tweet Review

We’ve been scouring Twitter for the past half-day or so and want to share our findings with you.  Take a look at what amuses, intrigues, inspires, motivates, puzzles, and occupies NEC students and others associated with the sports world.

Here’s what’s happening according to Twitter and how Overtime! sees it all…

It appears Robert Morris men’s hops head coach Andy Toole ponders a lot more than Xs and Os.

@AndyToole – In 2012 I wud like someone 2 figure out a more effective way of keeping hair off u during a haircut! Think we can come up w/ somethin better

Toole’s Tweet also got other thinking…

@KevinHobster – @AndyToole That & ironing. How have we had no major advancements in these areas in, what? Fifty years?

It’s may be hoops season at Robert Morris, but that hasn’t stopped RMU gridders from hitting the gym.

@dbon5 -Done with the morning lift. 2 classes on the schedule and a team meeting tonight. #TeamNoDaysOff

@The_Real_Nate66 -Weight room an hour early to stretch and foam roll so sore

This Mountie is missing Emmitsburg.

@kermcgetti – gym and tanning #whatelseisnew i wanna be back at schoooool now!

There is a Mumford and Sons fan in the house.

@kdrudzz_3114 – In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life. #mumfandsons

Primetime didn’t play in the NEC, but his words of wisdom are too good to not include here on this blog.

@DeionSanders – You can make this world a better place to live if u forgave,kept no memory of wrongs,loved unconditionally n didn’t judge? It would b great!

We applaud Scott Stump for applauding Matt Harmon, but how about a mention of Matt’s great work on NEC telecasts as well?

@Scott_Stump – Congrats to Shore Sports Network/Voice of Monmouth U @harmonmt on winning NSSA NJ Sportscaster of the Year honors.

Chasing that championship is everyone’s goal. 

@NickBarnett – Feels good to have time off with family!! But rather be preparing for a playoff game!!!

A great quote from a Fordham Ram (no, Fordham hasn’t joined the NEC, but it is the alma mater of @NECralph)

@Sports_Greats – The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can. -Vince Lombardi

Former NEC hoopster Shawn Atupem appears to be shopping a screen play. Spielberg? Scorcese? KJ Cardinal?

@atupem10 – My life is like a movie and I do my own stunts

This guy played football in the FBS Mid-American Conference, but these are words everyone should heed.

@nyce18 – Live while u living!!! (my grandpa voice)


– Dec. 11, 2012 –

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