1.3 Million People Have Seen Ortiz’s Shot, Have You?

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you need to.  This one would probably even impress Darrick Suber (see 1993 NEC Championship Game).

Wagner’s Kenny Ortiz threw up a last-second prayer while falling out of bounds at Santa Clara and the shot went in!

Ortiz’s improbable play gave Wagner a 64-62 win in the Cable Car Classic Championship Game.  


Unlike Suber’s shot, which was seen live by a national television audience during ESPN’s Championship Week, Ortiz’s heroics could only be seen live to those logged onto the Stretch Internet webcast at santaclarabroncos.com.  

Fortunately, about 12 years after Suber hit “The Shot” and 10 after Al Gore invented the internet, YouTube was born.

If you weren’t watching live in 1993 (TV ratings show that over 1 million people were tuned in when Suber hit “The Shot”), then you had to hope one of your local news channels or this new thing called CNN picked up the highlights.

But today, anyone with an internet connection can see Ortiz’s miraculous play and thus far over 1.3 million people have.

We encourage you to add to that number…

Oh, and make sure you turn the volume up because the Santa Clara color commentator’s analysis is nearly as unbelievable as the shot itself.


And as for Darrick Suber, he finally made it onto YouTube, too.


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