NEC News of the Day: Women’s Soccer Coaches Visit Somerset plus Tweet of the Day & Other Links of Interest

Brenda van Stralen, Krissy Turner, Mick Darcy, Tom Gosselin, and all 11 Northeast Conference women’s soccer head coaches checked in at league headquarters in Somerset on Nov. 30.

With the NCAA Division I season officially coming to a conclusion this weekend with the College Cup, the heads of the NEC’s programs came together for their annual administrative meeting.

End-of-the-year issues and coaches’ recommendations are usually discussed via postseason teleconference, but this fall’s agenda was so vast an in-person meeting was called.

While in the room, the 11 men and women along with NEC commissioner Noreen Morris and league sport administrator Michelle Boone discussed a number of issues including the future of conference scheduling and an online video exchange program.

“In my experience, face-to-face meetings have a tendency to be more productive, and with the breadth of issues facing us this offseason, we felt  it was necessary to bring everyone together,” said Boone.

The group also touched upon a number of “hot” topics currently hovering over the national scene.

“It’s a great luxury to have someone of Noreen’s stature in the room to deliver some perspective on the issues, especially when it comes to the sport of women’s soccer,” said Boone.  As a former Division I student-athlete, coach, and eventual NCAA Committee member, Noreen brings vast knowledge to the table.”

Coaches are permitted to put forth recommendations, and, if passed by the group through a majority vote, those recommendations then move onto the NEC Sport Management Committee for review and must eventually receive approval from the AD/SWA group in order to take effect.


Overtime! Tweet of the Day
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– Nov. 30, 2011 –  


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